What’s my car worth?

We provide 4 market values depending on who is buying or selling the car.


The original vehicle value when the car was new

Private Sale

The market value of a car when buying or selling to a private individual


The trade in value is the price a dealer might offer for a car in part exchange for another car


The car price you could expect to pay when you buy directly from a dealer

How to get a FREE car valuation

Getting a FREE car valuation couldn't be easier.

  • Enter the car’s registration number and mileage
  • Provide a few details about yourself
  • Your car valuation is provided instantly

You can later upgrade to a premium valuation to get 3 more market values, a depreciation graph showing past and future values and a sum of annual running costs.

Frequently asked questions

How does HPI calculate a car valuation?

HPI has a team of highly experienced researchers who work closely with various industry experts and motorists to collect and analyse data on a weekly basis. Our used car prices are reviewed and compiled into our award winning ‘CAP-HPI Black Book’ which has become the industry leading used car price guide for dealers in the UK.

What is Depreciation?

Depreciation is the reduction in value of a car over time. It’s the difference between what you would pay for a car now and what it’ll be worth when you come to sell it. Our car value calculator can tell you the value of a car up to 5 years ahead.

What is Total Cost of Ownership?

This is the complete cost of owning a car in addition to the vehicle value. We calculate this by factoring in running costs including insurance, fuel, tax and service & maintenance for the car.

What’s my car worth?

The value of a car depends on who you’re buying from or selling to. Our used car prices will provide a car value guide when buying or selling a car privately, trading in or buying from a dealer and the vehicle value at new.